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Joseph Rainer started working in this exciting profession, the largest publisher of magazines in Argentina, Editora Abril, working with experts from Disney to draw comics and their translation into Spanish, later he continued in the advertising agency of the publisher to manage ads and posters for each of the magazines.

He has worked for several small advertising agencies to become art director Grant Advertising of Chicago, managing accounts including Cinzano Vermouth. Then, he has worked for Gowland Advertising, handling accounts such as Chrysler and Bank of London.
Working at the birth of Saatchi and Saatchi Lautrec where they offered work directly for
SC Johnson & Son for all its products.

Also, he worked for FCB, for the account Cargill, as well as for Kimberly Clark, disposable diapers for their products.
He has won the first Clio Award for a commercial color chart for Argentina, working for Rossaroli & Associates, Pelopincho Swimming Pool, Argentina had never been able to win the award in advertising.



The next step was to start his own agency González Taboada Rainer and his works were big hits that helped the Agency to gain recognition: it has created a campaign for Cacharel Jeans: "In Defense of Nature", where the French company donated its advertising space to the cause of nature. It was 1984 and was the first "green campaign" in Argentina and won an award in New York. Also, having account Hiram Walker to Tia Maria liqueur and developments of new products.Founded his own consulting and design studio working for the following:

Levi's Jeans, SC Johnson & Son de Argentina, Sancor, Arcor, Clorox, Mazola, Hiram Walker, Cinba-Cinzano, Dupuy Otard, Nestlé, Laboratories Andromaco, Bayer, Cadbury-Adams, SmithKlineBeacham Cepa Pet Food Pilar-Heinz Foods Arla Foods, Bagley, Kraft Suchard, Banelco Citibank, Danone Group.Currently in the U.S., rainerStudios has been working for Trump Ocean Club Panama, Trump Golf Club Puerto Rico, Miami International Wine Fair, Miami Executive Aviation, Duty Free Americas. His design studio has worked for major U.S. advertising agencies and Europe that are being updated and re-creating the brands of its clients.

  17 Clio Awards Finalist. 1 Clio Awards
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