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Packaging design. Attraction, seduction, desire. When it's time for a makeover.

Image in our society is very important. The messages conveyed by brands to the consumer trough their packaging is crucial for success.
A way to express this is trough good design, must have good image to be able to set itself apart from its competitor in the shelf, mass market brands must appeal and persuade.
If the packaging doesn’t appeal to the consumer, why shouldn’t the brand or the product do so?

Consumers are motivated when they buy products that project an adequate image for them. Packaging must work harder in order to sell the brand and the product, the creation of an image and the perception in the consumer’s mind must produce a definitive seduction and attraction.

When a product delivers to the expectation of the consumers once and again they will be loyal to it especially in this competitive and crowded market full of offers. Usually, the communication is extended to their social
circles of family and friends about how great these products are.
Every design can improve the experience trough the fusion of human senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

The packaging must protect, contain and identify the product and also must be much more than that. Because of that reason, packaging & designs present an opportunity to improve he emotional response and brand

The first step before the beginning of a project is to understand the personality of the brand of our clients. We develop innovative packaging concepts that are unique and attractive, thus helping product sales.

To understand the importance of creating an emotional answer from potential consumers, the exploration of the different processes of manufacturing, the evaluation of the impact that each one of this factors will have in the
final product, form , cost and finally the proposition of our recommendations.

Rainer Studios is constantly generating effective packaging concepts that derive from the relation product-user, taking into account the reality of production. With the overwhelming amount of options that the consumer faces day to day, it is crucial to a brand to be differentiated from the others.
We help the brands to remain into the consumer’s mind for a long time; we have many examples of prior works that achieved this objective.



From concept to result

The creative process can be chaotic if it lacks of a clear structure. This can be beneficial when exploring all aspects of an idea or concept that don’t have many rules.
However, this can only work if the directives o of the process are clearly defined.
We believe that a strategic process must be developed in a methodic fashion. Besides quality we have formulated simplified version as to the steps involving a container, strategy, creative process, final result.
Having into account that every project is unique and has different needs, these guidelines can be adjusted according to the specific needs of each client. The objective is to interpret the case and face it delivering the best results.

Understand / listen / absorb

Listening to what the client has to say is the key for a successful start. They have their own commercial knowledge and that can teach us a lot during the whole process. It is our job not only to translate and interpret their design needs in term of packaging, but also to align their expectations and the understanding of the project.

To talk / to listen / to explore / to investigate

Before starting with the design options we
need to sit and think. Which is the environment? Who are the competitors?
What the brand stands for today and where it wants to beware the expectations realistic
and based in trustworthy data? How the brand should interact in the market? Which is its role? WE must explore and investigate all the elements needed? Do we have enough information These steps are the principal means after analyzing the best alternatives
and a well structured plan.


Create or propose or study and present options

After understanding and studying all aspects of the project that we have sufficient tools to start the design process. At this stage we explore our best abilities and always try to take a fresh look. We present several options that are consistent with the main concept and discuss it to see if they really are the best options to present.

Align / adjust / supplement

After presenting our ideas to the client and have an opinion it's time to shine and polish the draft. The most important thing is to have a solid basis for trust without losing focus. After all, not just the aesthetics that we're creating, we create a brand to be durable over time.

Implementation and build / test

Once you have chosen a solution, one begins with the definition of the final draft with all its details. The great task of the production process is to ensure the best solution as well.

Delivery / monitoring

Once everything is printed, marked, produced, with final details and ready to go to the outlets, we remain on track. To measure the results of the project can provide both the client and agency valuable information also be necessary if an adjustment has to be done, we are willing to work on it without limitations of time and cost.

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