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Strategic Planning

We offer strategic planning services for marketing communication and brand strategies. Animated brands, brands that evoke memories, feelings, attitudes, desires, attraction and the associations that these are represented by. The soul of a Company is not only its image, but also its perception.
Brands Change The challenge is to manage this strategic change: to follow up the client’s perception, the alignment with the Company’s vision and direction, to take advantage of the opportunities, guarding it of possible threats, making the most of trends, the construction of its net asset. Brands have equity. This is one of the most valuable assets of a business.

Our Plan

Our strategy is to take advantage of our creative experience and channel it to offer our best to the brand.
We understand that before conception, there is a plan, a thought. We offer the best evaluation and assistance to develop a brand focusing in the ROI factor.
Ours is a flexible process. We assist the client with every kind of budget to solve communication problems,thriving to achieve the simple by adjusting our work processes based in our client’s needs. Above all, we love what we do.

Our Services

Marketing strategy. Not only strategic planning, but we work with clients of every type of business, products and life cycles of the product, from assistance and identification, evaluation and development of new market opportunities and modernization of existing brands.


Market analysis

Market analysis – the transformation of a profound comprehension of the client’s benefit, the needs and processes in the procurement of commercialization programs that provide value to the client. Assessment
of marketing opportunities – delivery of a realistic image as to which opportunity to follow and mostly important, what to avoid.
Competition research – identifying strength sources and weak areas in relation to the competition as a base to develop competitive advantages. Strategies formulation: to face the market size and segmentation, competition analysis and business development.
Positioning and product differentiation – to identify client segments not taken advantage of, find deficiencies in the offers, determine the level of differentiation, and evaluate its position.

Branding Planning

To define brand strategy. Based in market analysis, competition assessment and client’s research, facing the fundamental problems of the names of the brand, the architecture and messages, and after they work with the client to bring the brand to life to insure a coherent , clear and significant communication in every contact point of the client. Brand Test An in depth evaluation about from where the brand stays positioned today in the eyes of its core market group Brand positioning. A declaration of positioning is a critical component in brand strategy and supplies the global communication platform. An effective positioning defines the business, differentiates the brand, and identifies the product.

Marketing Communication

Communication Strategy – Includes the brand positioning, creative copywriting of messages that evoke the new objective with the clients. Marketing Development Program – The setting up of the fundamental pillars in the short term and the success in the long term and how to win new market share and implementing an auspicious launch. Campaign follow up.


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